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Programs Available

You can print the program(s) for off-line reading but you are not permitted to pass copies on to others or pass the items off as your own work.

Self-help programs available:

Coping Strategies Counselling AdvicePreview
Life CoachingPreview
Overcoming A Smoking HabitPreview
Overcoming AddictionPreview
Overcoming Alcohol AbusePreview
Overcoming AngerPreview
Overcoming Anorexia NervosaPreview
Overcoming AnxietyPreview
Overcoming Bulimia NervosaPreview
Overcoming Childhood AbusePreview
Overcoming Chronic Fatigue SyndromePreview
Overcoming DepressionPreview
Overcoming Destructive RelationshipsPreview
Overcoming Gambling AddictionPreview
Overcoming Grief And BereavementPreview
Overcoming Low Self-EsteemPreview
Overcoming Mood SwingsPreview
Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive DisorderPreview
Overcoming PainPreview
Overcoming Panic DisorderPreview
Overcoming Social PhobiaPreview
Overcoming StressPreview
Overcoming Stress At WorkPreview
Overcoming Traumatic StressPreview
Overcoming Weight ProblemsPreview

Forthcoming programs: